WORSHIPOWER Ministries is a global Praise and Worship Arts Organization.  We are a community of passionate worshipers with a Levitical call. We strengthen and support ministries and their Front Line staff. We are united by a holy desire to lead a life wherein the demonstrative power of Holy Spirit is evident. We are tapped into this power and our assignment is to motivate others to do the same.  The vision of WORSHIPOWER is: “Tapping into the Power of Praise and Worship Arts and Motivating Others to do the same”  We are commissioned to serve the body of Christ globally.  We point the Created back to the Creator. We exist to ENHANCE the overall worship experience of the believer.  To EQUIP those who have devoted themselves for Front Line Ministry with the tools and support necessary to operate on an excellent level.  To EDUCATE others on the calling and discipline of praise and worship.

Toll Free: 1-855-WPOWER1 (976-9371)
eMail: info@worshipower.com